Struggling with Anxiety and Stress in Your Life?

Anxiety Treatment and Depression Therapy Can Help

Our Therapists Help You Move Through Challenging Life Transitions with More Ease and Grace

When you're experiencing high levels of stress, feeling anxious, agitated, or depressed is NORMAL.

  • You're taken off balance. You feel out of sorts.
  • You may have trouble eating properly or sleeping soundly.
  • You may feel confused and have trouble making decisions.
  • Maybe you can't help longing for what your life used to be like.

Life events that may lead you to seek anxiety treatment or depression therapy that our skilled and experienced therapists can help you with:

Managing Life Through a Pandemic

Your capacity to handle seemingly small issues is significantly less compared to pre-pandemic.  The stress of childcare issues, job related changes, and minimal social contact is overwhelming.  You worry that you won't be able to manage it all.

You may be missing your extended family, friends, and coworkers.

Work or Career Struggles

You've lost your job. You're stressed about when you'll find a new one. Perhaps finances are tight.

Or, maybe you started a new job and are having troubles adjusting to the work.

It could be that you're tired of your job and want to make a career change but you're confused about which direction you should go in.

Relationship Loss or Premarital Concerns

Our counselors can help if you're grieving the loss of a relationship (break-up or divorce). They can assist you in moving through your grief more easily than you might otherwise.

If you're getting married, you might be thinking about premarital counseling as you've heard it helps couples build more satisfying and lasting relationships.

Transitioning from High School to College

You're having trouble adjusting to the high expectations of college. You worry that you won't be able to complete assignments on time.

You're afraid you won't be able to keep up your grades. You may be missing home, your family, and your friends.

Pre or Postnatal Concerns

You might be stressed due to infertility, a high-risk pregnancy, or other post-natal issues such as exhaustion or post-partum depression.

You're having trouble coping and want help in coming to terms with what is happening.

You're Struggling with a Chronic or Severe Illness

Perhaps the stress of an ongoing illness or a recent medical diagnosis is getting to you. You may be living in fear about how you and your family will manage.

Perhaps you're in pain and want strategies to reduce stress and help you to manage the pain.


Working with one of our therapists enables you to move more easily through stressful changes in your life.

Therapy can help calm you and assist you in making the best decisions at this difficult time.

Our therapists can help to facilitate a shift in how you think about your situation, allowing you to better cope with - or perhaps even embrace - the changes you're experiencing.

Our overall goal is for you to restore your balance during this time so that you have a more peaceful and rewarding life.

The Benefits of Anxiety Treatment or Depression Therapy at Champaign Counseling:

  • Reduce stress and confusion; make decisions confidently and decisively
  • Heal pain or grief about the changes that are occurring; feel more optimistic about your life and your future
  • Experience greater ease and flow through life transitions
  • Have better relationships with intimate partners, friends, and family
  • Have a more meaningful life with a renewed sense of purpose

“As her former supervisor, I’ve seen that Emily is an excellent therapist. She effortlessly creates a safe and non-judgmental space in which to explore emotional challenges.

Emily makes others around her feel at ease and comforted, even in day to day conversation and consultation, and that definitely translates to her work with clients.”

Rebecca Slusher, LCPC and owner of Balanced Life Counseling in Chicago, Illinois

If you're experiencing high levels of stress and want support in getting through it, we can help.

Regardless of what kind of changes you're going through, our therapists have the expertise to help.

It is possible to have a better life. You don't have to continue suffering.

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