Are you feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or unable to handle life's normal stressors?

Has something really challenging or upsetting happened that is causing an inability to manage everyday life? Stress, transition and loss can cause low self esteem, difficulty in relationships, and feelings of being unable to manage day to day life. I aim to provide a safe space in which to process those stressors and learn to manage them in a healthy way.

I believe that developing a therapeutic relationship is the first step to making changes in your life. If you can build a relationship in therapy, you can build relationships outside of therapy. Having valuable relationships in your life can help you to feel like your life has more meaning, and can make all the difference in your overall happiness.

Having a place to just talk about your feelings and be emotionally safe can make a world of difference. We will work together to allow you to work through your experiences and develop ways to cope when everything in life feels overwhelming, and to help you feel less isolated and alone. Give me a call today to set up an appointment at (217) 203-2008.

Emily Beck, LCSW


Adults and Teens - Experiencing Anxiety, Depression and Life Transitions

Anger Management
Coping Skills
Family Conflict

Peer Relationships


“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

- Brene Brown

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.

I have worked with a variety of populations ranging from children to older adults, and utilize a relationship-based approach from a trauma-informed perspective.

I worked in Community Mental Health for four years, doing therapy and case management with adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

I also spent a year working as a guide for a Wilderness Therapy program for adolescents and young adults with behavior disturbances, and two and a half years doing therapy with adults.

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Today is the day to start really enjoying life. Call me to set up an appointment at (217) 203-2008. I offer daytime and evening appointments.