Video Directions To Office

Did you park in the South East corner of the building? If you did, watch this video directing you from the parking spot up to our office at Suite 209.

If the video does not load, we have also included photos below of the entrance, second floor landing and our front door.

Building Directions To Our Offices

Enter the Building in the South East Entrance. You can either take the stairs to your right or go through the second set of glass doors to the elevator.

Turn Right into the first hallway if you took the stairs or continue straight into the hallway if you took the elevator.

Continue down the hallway, you will have a few stairs to walk down. After those stairs, you will see our Suite 206 & 208 on your left and Suite 209 on your right.

Waiting Area & The Counseling Office

We share the suite waiting room with several other businesses.  You will notice a large banner on the wall that says "Advanced Financial Planning".  There is also a large wooden desk in front of a block glass wall.  Don't worry; you are in the right place!  

Please come in, take a seat, and relax.  Your counselor will come get you at the time of your appointment.  If you chose to print and complete the intake paperwork prior to your appointment, you can provide that to your counselor when she comes to get you.  

If you didn't print the intake paper out, no worries.  We will leave the paperwork on the coffee table for you to complete while you wait for your appointment time.