Managing New Job Stress

Starting a new job can be exciting, but also may cause some stress and anxiety.

This is natural. It can be difficult transitioning from a familiar place and co-workers you may have bonded with. You may be uncertain of whether you will click with your new co-workers or perform to your supervisor’s expectations. Navigating these changes can feel overwhelming, but there are ways to decrease this type of stress. 

What can I do?

Consider what aspect of the new job is causing you the most anxiety. 

  • Nervous about meeting new co-workers: Brainstorm some discussion topics ahead of time so you already have some ideas ready if you’re feeling nervous. Introduce yourself to co-workers and be friendly even if you tend to be shy. 
  • Worries that you won’t measure up to your new job responsibilities: Remember that you were hired for a reason and remind yourself of your accomplishments. Pump yourself up with positive self-talk.
  • Experiencing performance anxiety? Practice mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, the 5 senses method, and distractions such as fidget toys. Remind yourself of times in the past you were anxious but did well. 
  • Concerned about finding your way in a new building or campus: Practice the best route to the new job and ask for a tour of the facility. 
  • Worried about learning new software or programs? Ask for help if you have questions and remember that you won’t be expected to have mastered new material in the first week. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Feeling prepared is generally half the battle.

Being prepared can help you to feel more in control in most situations. Understanding what the underlying concerns are can help you to home-in and find ways to ease your anxiety in these areas.

Self-Care is Key

We hear a lot of talk about making self-care a priority. What does self-care look like? It includes getting the right amount of sleep needed to function at your best. Eating healthy foods and getting some exercise.  Exercise not only makes you feel better, it’s also a great way to ease anxiety, help you relax and get better sleep.  Believe it or not socializing such as time with friends and family, as well as making time for hobbies or interests that you find relaxing.

Gather items to help make your new space your own

  • Bring in some pictures and special items to decorate such as a calendar, pictures and your favorite pens to give it your own personal touch. 
  • Stock your desk with some healthy/energizing snacks especially if you aren’t sure about meal breaks or for times you may have to stay late. 

Prepare Early

It can really help calm your nerves to prepare the night before your first day rather than scrambling in the morning. If you bring your lunch prepare it ahead of time or figure out places you can eat that are close to work. Figure out what you plan to wear and make sure you feel good in it. Getting a new outfit or wearing an outfit you feel good in can go a long way in making you feel more confident on your first day. Try to get to work early so you have time to settle in and not feel rushed. 

Talk to someone about it

Almost everyone has gone through the stress of starting a new job. It can be helpful to talk to friends and family about your concerns.  They can help reassure you and remind you of your strengths, past successes and skills. If you are finding that you are still struggling it can be very helpful to talk to your therapist. They can help you identify more skills and techniques to help you during your job transition. 

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October 28, 2022