Life is full of transitions

and they can be extremely difficult. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or discouraged and like nothing will ever get better. Even when the transition is your own choice like a new job, going back to school or having a baby, it can feel like you will never settle into a new normal. And that can be even more challenging when the transition is not your choice, like a divorce, a chronic illness, struggling with infertility, or trauma and loss. Transition can be even more overwhelming when it feels like you are going through it alone and don’t have any support.

It is possible to embrace the transition and accept the changes that are happening in your life. You can get the support you need to help you find the positives in the new reality and experience happiness and joy in your life again. I can help provide you a safe space to feel supported and learn tools to help find balance and contentment in your life again.

If you are struggling with transitions in your own life, changes in your family, job, or just have a hard time facing each day or if you are looking for a way out of the cycle of constantly feeling like it won’t get any easier, call today for an appointment to get started on a path towards healing. You deserve to feel content and settled in your life and I can help you get there.

Kim Greenlee, LCSW

Kim Greenlee, LCSW | Champaign Counseling

Specializing in Trauma, Self-care and Family Relationships

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“We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

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