How to Survive Parenting your Anxious Teen

How to Survive Parenting your Anxious Teen

Anxiety Can Disrupt Your Teen's Life and Your Own

Check out Champaign Counseling's Parenting Group, How to Parent an Anxious Teen!

With Emily Beck, LCSW, and Erin Graham, LCSW

If your teenager is stressed and anxious, you're certainly not alone. Anxiety is common with teens during the changes they experience in their development as they approach adulthood.

However, when the anxiety is interfering with a child's life and your family life, our parenting group can help. 

Who Should Attend this Parenting Group?

Parents of adolescents and young adults (ages 12-20) concerned about their child's anxiety and want to learn how to help their adolescent child. 

Is Your Teen Struggling with Any of These?

·       Excessive worry about what has or will go wrong ·       Trouble focusing on tasks, restlessness

·       Panic attacks (heart beats fast, difficult  breathing, etc.)

·       Difficulty getting or staying asleep, nightmares

·       Obsessive thoughts or behaviors

·       Physical symptoms – (e.g., stomachaches, headaches)

·       Overly concerned about their appearance

·       Irrational fears


As a Parent, Can You Relate to Any of these? 

·       Worried because your child's anxiety is interfering with their life

·       Feeling helpless about what to do to help your teen

·       Concerned that you're parenting is inadequate

·       Frustrated because you don't understand anxiety or how to deal with it

·       Feel isolated and alone

·       Afraid for your child's future

If you resonate with any of the above concerns, our group can help.

By the end of the group, you'll be armed with knowledge, skills, and the confidence to assist your child in managing their anxiety.

This Parenting Group Will Help You:

  • Understand anxiety and how it works in the teenage brain
  • Calm your child when they're anxious
  • Reduce isolation by hearing other parent's stories and getting support
  • Decrease frustration and worries about your child; feel assured when your child's anxiety is alleviated
  • Discover helpful anxiety resources to use at home
  • Become confident in your ability to help your child ease their anxiety
  • Have a happier child, greater peace of mind, and deeper relationships in the family


About the Facilitators

Counselors Emily Beck and Erin Graham

Emily and Erin are Master's level Licensed Clinical Social Workers. They have over 25 years of combined experience working with troubled and anxious teenagers, parents, and other adults.

Emily and Erin utilize leading methods for managing and resolving anxiety. They will show you how to use these highly effective methods to help your child.


Group Structure and Details:

This group focuses on education and support. Each week the group will include an educational component, a brief experiential exercise you can use with your teen, time for questions, and relevant resources.

Here is the focus of each group session:

Week 1: Physical responses to anxiety in the body

Week 2: The causes of anxiety

Week 3: Second-hand anxiety that parents experience

Week 4: Parenting an anxious child and parental self-care

Week 5: School and community-based resources for additional support (including IEPs and 504 plans)

Week 6: Wrap up

Dates and Time:

6 weekly sessions: October 8, 15, 22 & 29 & November 5 & 12

9:30 – 11:00 AM

Location: Champaign Counseling Office in the Savoy area.



$180: Individuals / $250 Couples

$150 Individuals / $250 Couples (existing or former clients)

Get Expert Guidance to Help Manage Your Teen's Anxiety

Having an anxious teenager in the house can impact the whole family.

We're here to help you get the support you need to help them and yourself.


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*Existing or former clients contact us at 217-203-2008 or [email protected]

Anxiety Can Interrupt Your Teen's Life as well as Your Own.

Is your teenager anxious? Are you looking for support? Check out Champaign Counseling’s group, Parenting Anxious Teens! Run by Erin Graham, LCSW and Emily Beck, LCSW

This group will

1) Provide education about anxiety and the teenage brain so parents have an understanding of what is happening when their teen is anxious.
2) Create a support network for parents of anxious teens
3) Provide resources for parents to use at home

Parenting Teens with Anxiety Group 

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