Are you feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or unable to handle life's normal stressors?

Choosing to make a big change in your life can be exciting, terrifying and difficult all at the same time. Maybe you’re feeling stressed, ashamed, overwhelmed or completely lost about something big in your life. You are not alone and you deserve to feel joy.

Life changes are hard enough when you choose to create them, such as having a family, getting married or going back to school. They become even more complicated when they happen without warning, such as experiencing a loss of a loved one, a divorce or breakup, or a chronic illness. 

We will work together to build and achieve goals that will have a positive impact on your life. Working to overcome your anxieties and create balance and peace in your life will be something you can look forward to throughout our time together. 

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Haley Zeien, LSW


Adults and Teens

Trauma & PTSD


Coping Skills

Marital & Premarital Concerns 

Difficulty with Life Transitions

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

- Brene Brown


Hi, I'm Haley. 


Do you often feel overwhelmed or anxious about big changes in your life? Do you feel timid or afraid to speak up for what you want or need in your relationships with others? 

One of my highest priorities as a therapist is providing you with a space where you feel safe and supported. I will work to help you get the support that you need and deserve while undergoing life challenges and transitions. 

I have military experience which influenced my decision to go back to school as an adult. I have a master’s in social work from Indiana Wesleyan University. In the past I have worked with Veterans and in an inpatient treatment setting.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples who are dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, PTSD and marital/premarital concerns. 

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Today is the day to start really enjoying life. Call me to set up an appointment at (217) 203-2008. I offer daytime and evening appointments.

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