Battling Loneliness:

Making friends in adulthood Connection is an extremely important part of mental health. Isolation can be a sign or symptom of mental illness, as well as a contributing factor. While in school, we are surrounded by a group of our peers, the majority of whom are actively seeking friendship and connection. What do we do…

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The Sunday Scaries:

How to manage workweek anxiety Monday. That word can bring up a feeling of dread and anxiety specifically related to starting your work week. The “Sunday Scaries” are a very real form of anxiety that can start on Sunday afternoon and evening, related to the beginning of the coming work week. So why do we…

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School Refusal

What is school refusal?   Anxiety in kids and teens can take the form of school refusal. School refusal is when a student simply refuses to go to school or fights so hard against going to school that it becomes a miserable battle each morning.   School refusal is different from truancy. Children who are…

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