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It’s supposed to be the most beautiful experience you will ever have — the birth of your baby. But something happened during the process of laboring and delivering your baby that didn’t follow the birth you had planned.

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And now that your baby is here and home with you

You feel your birth experience has changed you... 

you feel disappointed, scared, numb, confused… even violated. 

You wonder:

  • Why do I feel so down and sad when I remember my birth?
  • I’m having nightmares about my birth…is that normal?
  • Why am I so angry all the time?
  • Was what happened to me during my birth SUPPOSED to happen?
  • Why am I so afraid/panicky/anxious all the time when I think about my birth?
  • Why was I treated the way I was during my birth?
  • Do I even want more children after the experience I had?

You may have experienced a birth trauma involving

  • Significant blood loss
  • Emergency c-section
  • Forceps or vacuum birth
  • Extreme or intense pain, or failed pain management
  • Escalated medication intervention to save the baby and/or mom
  • Baby born with a disability
  • Unexpected and/or early delivery of the baby
  • Baby admitted the neonatal intensive care unit
  • Lack or support/respect/attention from staff and/or providers
  • Any trauma from the birth of a child
Birth Trauma Champaign Counseling

You may ask yourself where you can turn…how can I get out of this dark place…who can help me understand what happened to me?

“Birth trauma is a distress experienced by a mother during or after childbirth. While it can be physical, it is often emotional and psychological. Birth trauma is not just about what happened during labor and the birth. It can also refer to how you (the mother and/or partner) are left feeling afterwards.”  —

Counseling for birth trauma is about helping you learn how to deal with your fears and stressors in a healthy way.  Our therapists help parents just like you to learn to let go of uncontrollable anxiety, practice self-care strategies that actually work, and to step out from under the dark cloud that feels like it’s following you.

The Benefits of Therapy

  • You start to feel better.
  • You can safely explore the events that happened. 
  • You can think about your birth without feeling negative and scary emotions.
  • You stop feeling you did something wrong and that you’re not crazy.
  • You can start to trust again. 
  • You begin sleeping better.
  • You begin enjoying life again.
  • You start to feel like you again.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We can support and validate what you are feeling as we help to guide you to healthier, happier path. You deserve that.

Trish Wilkinson

Adults & Couples - Postpartum depression, Traumatic birth, Perinatal Loss & Infertility.

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