Birth Loss

Birth Loss Champaign Counseling

Birth Loss can be one of the worst situations that can ever happen to a woman and her partner. The experience has changed you forever.

It is possible to find empowerment and hope after an event so devastating.

Birth Loss may include but is not limited to:

  • miscarriage
  • stillbirth/fetal demise
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • newborn loss
Birth Loss Champaign Counseling
Birth Loss Champaign Counseling

It can feel like your world has ended.

And with the end of your world comes the thoughts, feelings, and questions. You wonder:

  • What did I do to deserve this?
  • How did this happen?
  • Did I do something to make this happen?
  • Could I have done something to prevent this?
  • Does anyone blame me?
  • Does my partner still love me?
  • Will this happen again?


Because of your loss you already feel vulnerable, and now you may feel like you will really have to lay yourself wide open to the unknown. You may ask yourself, can therapy really help me?

We understand that question.

The good news is our counselors are here to help you have all this and more. It is possible to find empowerment and hope after an event so devastating.

It is possible to breathe again.


Our Perinatal Expert Can Help You Heal

Together in sessions, the counselor utilizes evidence based therapies to address the challenges you are experiencing. She will use a combination of techniques to ensure that your feelings are acknowledged and processed. The therapeutic goal is to hopefully alleviate your distress, focus on the attainment of healing, and the improvement of functionality.

The Benefits of Therapy

  • You’d feel unbiased support.
  • You’d begin to be able to face each day in a more positive way.
  • You’d begin to realize that you ARE NOT to blame.
  • You’d begin to trust again. 
  • You’d be able to recognize the support you have around you.
  • You’d be able to embrace and accept that support more fully.
  • You’d be less afraid and more confident. 
  • You’d start to feel like YOU again.

Contact us today to find out how therapy can help.

Trish Wilkinson

Adults & Couples - Postpartum depression, Traumatic birth, Perinatal Loss & Infertility.

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