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Emotional Acceptance

Here are three steps to accept our children’s emotions so they can be expressed in a healthy manner: Take a deep breath and remain calm (joining their big emotions will escalate the situation) Hold firmly to your boundary, position or limit (this isn’t about being permissive or giving in) Let their feelings be and acknowledge…

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Building a Coping Kit

Building a Coping Kit Helping a child to build a coping kit can empower them to work through their worries.  A coping kit is simply a list of skills and strategies a child can use when feeling anxious.  It helps to practice these strategies when the child is already calm. Sometimes children can memorize their…

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School Refusal

What is school refusal?   Anxiety in kids and teens can take the form of school refusal. School refusal is when a student simply refuses to go to school or fights so hard against going to school that it becomes a miserable battle each morning.   School refusal is different from truancy. Children who are…

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