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Posts by Emily Beck

Battling Loneliness:

Making friends in adulthood Connection is an extremely important part of mental health. Isolation can be a sign or symptom of mental illness, as well as a contributing factor. While in school, we are surrounded by a group of our peers, the majority of whom are actively seeking friendship and connection. What do we do…

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The Sunday Scaries:

How to manage workweek anxiety Monday. That word can bring up a feeling of dread and anxiety specifically related to starting your work week. The “Sunday Scaries” are a very real form of anxiety that can start on Sunday afternoon and evening, related to the beginning of the coming work week. So why do we…

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Managing Unemployment Stress

3 Tips to make the most of this transition Unemployment is a major and often unexpected life transition, and can feel very stressful and hopeless. Looking for a new job is a taxing process that takes a significant amount of time and energy. Coupled with the potential feeling of defeat that can accompany unemployment, finding…

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Empty Nesting

Managing your changing relationship with your adult child Dropping your child off at college for the first time can be a very emotional and confusing event. Not only will they be living independently, but you are also reclaiming your independence after 18 years. While this affords you lots of free time, empty nesting for the…

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