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The Benefit of Plants

 Nature has a way of bringing peace and calmness in our lives and can be beneficial to our mental health. You might be thinking, it’s too cold here in the Midwest to spend an extended period -of -time in nature. The great news is that even having plants in your home and/or at work can…

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Navigating Family Arguments

Let’s face it, family arguments can be ugly and non-productive. Many disagreements end in frustration and anger, and nothing is resolved. However, there are effective ways to work through these conflicts and improve relationships, even with your teen! Here are some tips:  Set clear Boundaries Each parent brings their own culture, norms and values to…

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Managing New Job Stress

Starting a new job can be exciting, but also may cause some stress and anxiety. This is natural. It can be difficult transitioning from a familiar place and co-workers you may have bonded with. You may be uncertain of whether you will click with your new co-workers or perform to your supervisor’s expectations. Navigating these…

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