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Mindfulness: How it’s Not Meditation

What is Mindfulness? What is mindfulness and how can it help? Mindfulness is a concept that is oftentimes misunderstood and confused with meditation. Meditation is mindfulness, but not all mindfulness is meditation. The idea of mindfulness has existed almost as long as humanity itself. It is a concept widely accepted in many cultures around the…

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Music As A Coping Skill

(10/14/22) Music can span cultures, time periods, and generations. With countless genres to listen to, there is something out there for everyone to enjoy. There are also so many ways to enjoy music, whether it is through listening to a song, playing an instrument, talking to someone about it, going to a concert or dancing…

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Invisible Disabilities

(9/6/22) Do you ever feel as though your life experience is not very well understood by others? Do you have a medical, physical, or mental condition that is not obvious to the outside world? We all are familiar with the handicapped parking signs in front of many places that we frequent, such as grocery stores…

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